2nd Opinion Clinics, having years of experience and expertise in , provides the opportunity for reexamination – second opinion, in patients with complex health problems or medical conditions where there is uncertainty about the diagnosis, deterioration in the patient’s condition and in cases of rare diseases.

2nd Opinion Clinics will suggest to you, depending on the case, provide a comprehensive, personalized report to help you better understand your diagnosis and make informed decisions about the treatment options for your disease that are right for you.

Second Opinion Program

If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart condition, it is essential to consider every alternative. That’s why we offer the Heart Second Opinion Program – to provide you with immediate access to the most talented cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the nation.

The Heart Second Opinion Program at 2nd Opinion Clinics includes quick coordination of appointments with physicians and follow-up care based on your specific needs. Our physicians will spend the time to help you understand your options and to customize a care plan specifically for you. A second opinion can ease your mind, possibly prevent an unnecessary procedure, or provide you with an alternative option to consider.

Do you need a Second Opinion?

The Heart Second Opinion Program was created for patients diagnosed with any heart condition, or for patients who have been told they need a heart-related surgical procedure.

Some patients have already had heart surgery and are now experiencing new symptoms. Others want to know if their medication regimen is the best for them. We also see patients who feel like they aren’t being taken seriously, or patients who want to explore every option and seek the latest advancements in medical treatment. These are all legitimate reasons to seek a second opinion.

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